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We're leading entrepreneurs to the biggest opportunities of our lifetimes.

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Facilitating Connections

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We’ve spun up a global network of Cleanweb entrepreneurs, innovators and experts. Whether you’re looking for capital, talent or need a hand getting your Cleanweb company off the ground, we’re here for you. Our main focus is getting you connected with the right people to help grow your Cleanweb community or business.

Creating Opportunities

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We’re working with the best in the business. Members of the Cleanweb from all over have rallied together to put together events, prizes and opportunities. With job postings, event updates and access to our curated network of professionals, we aim to give our members the best environment to create massive impact.

Providing Resources

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Want to start a community? We can help you with that. Want to run NYC Big Apps in your community? We have you covered. Using our member platform, GroupTie, we have uploaded community-created resources, templates and best practices. Sharing is a pillar of the Cleanweb movement and our members seem to be pretty darn good at it.

The Cleanweb Initiative is already hard at work, helping amazing individuals and great companies get to the next level

Weave Energy

Generating leads and increasing solar adoption with Social

WegoWise logo


improving the efficiency of the built environment

WattWire logo


View real-time energy consumption and history through meters, properties and portfolios

Nest Thermostat


The next generation of Thermostat (and now Fire Alarm)



lowering the barrier to energy efficiency through better data



Transportation made simple



An Online Intelligence Center for Marketers of Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Noesis Energy


world's fastest growing energy measurement and savings platform



helping you give and get things for free


We help people go solar


Mastodon C

Open source technology platform & the skills to help you realise that potential



Share a ride with someone awesome

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